In recent years, many of you have supported our efforts to create the Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program – a program that will give workers access to a work-placed retirement savings account. The success off the program relies on rules that the Department of Labor introduced last year. Those rules are now at risk.

Legislation passed the U.S. House on February 15th that would role back the rules, putting the retirement security of millions of Illinois worker at risk. It now moves to the Senate

Please take 2 minutes to call your Illinois Senator.

  • Senator Durbin: 202.224.2152
  • Senator Duckworth: 202.2242854

Once you are connected, here’s what you can say:

Hello, my name is [your name] and I’m a constituent of the [Senator].  The House passed H.J. Res 66 that would repeal important Department of Labor regulations that were designed to help improve the retirement security of American households through state-run programs. I ask that the Senator vote ‘NO’ on these bills and any other efforts to weaken or repeal the DOL’s regulations on state-run retirement programs. More than half of Illinois workers do not have access to a retirement savings account at work. We need the Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program to help address the retirement savings crisis. This legislation puts up an unnecessary barrier to states, like Illinois, that are being proactive in providing retirement saving opportunities to those not covered by their employer. Thank you.

Questions about this action: email Lucy Mullany