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Financial Education

The Impact of Financial Education on Savings Behavior

November 1, 2011

Research from a variety of studies finds that combining financial education and savings account ownership have a positive impact, where each leads a person to seek more of...

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Children's Savings Accounts

Investing in Children’s Future: The Potential Behind Illinois 529s

October 4, 2011

This presentation provides an overview of Illinois’ 529 College Savings Program – Bright Start. It includes proposals for modifying the Bright Start program in a...

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Credit Building

Bridging the Gap: Credit Scores and Economic Opportunity In Illinois Communities of Color

This report analyzed credit score data from a major national credit bureau in large Illinois zip codes and found significant disparities in credit characteristics between...

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Alternative Small Dollar Loans

Alternative Small Dollar Loans in Illinois

Short term, small dollar loans are often a temporary necessity for many consumers trying to make ends meet. Unfortunately, the current market is primarily limited to payday...

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Alternative Small Dollar Loans

Alternative Small Dollar Loans: Building the Business Case

May 15, 2011

Using case studies from existing product offerings, this paper highlights financial institutions’ innovation and experimentation with providing these products. These case...

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